A Letter to Neale

Reader question:

Dear Neale, I've seen a couple of book about how to hear God's voice and I'm wondering if you can recommend any books about it?

Love and joy Jasmine

Neale Responds:

Dear Jasmine...I do not have any particular book to recommend, but I can tell you how I hear God's voice. Simply ask with deep purity, deep sincerity, deep honesty, deep yearning, and deep willingness to hear from God. THEN...let God "speak" to you in any and every way.

Do not "insist" that God speak to you in one way, and one way only...namely, a "voice inside your head." It could be that God will "speak" to you in the form of the next song you hear on the radio, or the next billboard you see on the highway, or the chance utterance of a friend that you just "happen" to meet on the street. Or, for that matter, the comment of a total stranger in the grocery story. Or a line from a movie or television show that pops right out at you. Or a book that practically falls off the shelf into your hands. Or the headline on the next newspaper story you see. Or an article on the Internet. Or even a dream.

You see? So first comes Willingness. Then comes Openness to receive the message in any way. Then comes Acceptance (and not rejection) of the message. And then comes Application of what you have heard. That is, you apply it to your life. Instantly. Immediately. And live from that space...from the space of your New Understanding.

If you would like me to lead you through your own conversation with God, I have created a 30-minute video that does just that. You can access the video at http://www.nealedonaldwalsch.com/doc/yourowncwg It is a 30-minute guided meditation that invites you to have the experience you are asking about.

I hope this answer helps, Jasmine



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