A Letter to Neale: Does the Soul retain memories?

Reader question:

Dear Neale, I am 1/2 way through your book "Home With God" - the 3rd I have read of your many writings. Maybe I haven't gotten far enough in yet, but I keep waiting for you & God to talk about whether or not we somehow hold onto the increased level of awareness we have achieved (and are achieving right now as a result of receiving His message through you) when we transition into future physical lives. In other words, will the strides that my soul has made in this lifetime and the knowledge I have gained through my spiritual exploration in my life as "Kristen" be something that carries over into subsequent journeys on earth? Will I have any kind of memory of this? As we move towards mastery, are we able to tap into and retrieve the memories of what we have learned spiritually in other lifetimes?


Neale Responds:

Dear Friend...My understanding is that the answer to your question is "Yes." But you must access your "memory" of the knowledge you have gained through the Soul, not through the Mind. As I understand it, the Mind "erases" or "deletes" all memories of previous lifetimes---and what has been "learned" there---with each new incarnation...but the Soul remembers all and knows all...and so, it is to the Soul that we are invited to return in order to bring to our New Mind each lifetime the wisdom of the ages that resides in the Soul.

The Mind's "trash" file (using a computer analogy) holds all that it has experienced in every one of its lifetimes, and sometimes it is possible to access this "prior data" through the Mind, but it is not easy. The easiest way is to seek access through the Soul.

All of this is wonderfully explained---including use of the computer analogy---in the book , The Only Thing That Matters. It may be ordered right now through Amazon.com, and I strongly urge you to obtain a copy if you would like a detailed and wonderfully functional answer to your question. The book is also being serialized every day on my Facebook page, and may be read there at no cost. The link: www.Facebook.com/nealedonaldwalsch

The short answer is yes, you have access the information from past lifetimes, and the easiest and best way to do that is through the Awareness of the Soul.



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