A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Hi Neale...I am one of your avid readers of your books, and it certainly fits in with all that I have studied. I have many questions that I could and would like to discuss with you, however I am sure a letter to the editor is not the place. So the most important topic I would like you to explain to us in a way that I could really understand, and what seems to be a basic tenet is "We are all one" I just cannot get myself around that. I understand that you and I each have a piece of God inside us that makes us different from the animals and I can't figure out where they come in, but I am not you or my neighbor or anyone else. I have my own background, traits, problems, and everything, and hopefully I am on my own journey to become the next greater version of myself, but for the life of me, I cannot see what that has got to do with you. Is there anyway you can make it simple so that I can understand it?
Joe LaRoser

Neale Responds

Dear Joe...Oneness does not mean Sameness. Oneness means that we are all united as part of the same basic Thing That Is. Is your hand One with your foot? Of course it is, for it is part of the Same Body. Is your ring finger One with your thumb, even though it is different, with different characteristics, different appearances, etc? Of course it is, because they are both part of the same hand.

Individuality and Connectivity are not mutually exclusive, Joe. You are not only One with other people, Joe, you are One with Everything. The trees, the sky, every bird you see fly; the earth, the sun, and yes, everyone. Your connection with Divine Life is Divine Life Itself, being lived out through you.

If you ever want to experience your Oneness with another, simply look into their eyes. Not for a tiny glance, but for 60 seconds. Do not look away. Do not touch the other person, or speak a single word. Simply look into their eyes, and do not look away. You will experience Oneness so searing that you may not even be able to hold the stare. In that moment you will understand how you can have your own background, traits, problems, etc., and still be One with another.

Sending Pure Love,


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