A Letter to Neale

Mar 24, 2023

Dear Mr. Walsch,

I've been asking our Father for guidance & the answer is always that I should write to you so that others will share in the answers.

I was raised by a self-proclaimed Pentecostal preacher who sexually abused me. I spent 20 years living a destructive lifestyle, often trying suicide. It was on one of these attempts I believe I met God. Six years ago, I tried to kill my stepfather and had a complete breakdown. I was put in a mental hospital and diagnosed as manic-depressive. I then began to notice how many mental patients are terrified of not just the devil, but of God.

I have been mentally stable since reading (many times) CwG, Books 1 & 2 and now try to help the mentally ill. My husband and I meet thousands of people every year (we move every couple of months), mostly of Southern Baptist and Pentecostal persuasion. I have to be honest, most of these people get mad when I talk about CwG , but they always come back with questions--questions I'm not able to answer. I've been fortunate to be able to share CwG with so many and have seen people change their lives completely, thanks to you and our Father. But I need to know the answers.

Now for the questions. If there's no sin, what did Jesus die for? How do we explain people who have near death experiences and claim they went to hell? If the Bible isn't all true, what parts do we study? Are we supposed to still pay tithes? I was taught to pay tithes to the place where you're taught. Are you set up to receive tithes? I look foolish when I can't answer these questions, from other people, and possibly hurt the person's chances of knowing our Father.

How do I discover my purpose? I know the Father ruined my suicide attempts for a reason. Is sharing enough? How can I do more to help?

name withheld by request

Neale Responds

Dear Friend,

Let's take your questions one at a time.

If there's no sin, what did Jesus die for?

Jesus died and rose again so that we might know the truth about him, and hence, about us. His act was meant as a demonstration of Who We Really Are. Every act is an act of self definition. That is true for you, and it was true for Jesus. Jesus was a divine master who possessed absolute understanding of the truth, about himself and about God. He wished to share this truth with all the world. Thus, he said "I and the Father are one." He also proclaimed us to be his brothers, and was heard to ask, "Have I not said, 'Ye are gods'?" With regard to his miracles, he said, "Why are you so amazed? These things, and more, will you do also."

Jesus did not die for our sins, but rather, to demonstrate that we are sinless. We were made in the image and likeness of God, and Jesus kept trying to tell us so. But few believed him. He knew that only a real demonstration of Godliness could prove convincing. Well, he convinced many people that he is God, all right, but quite a few missed the point that we are all the same thing. We started worshipping him, and that wasn't what he intended.

How do we explain people that have near death experiences who claim they went to hell?

God says we will experience in the first moments after "death" whatever we expect to experience. If we are afraid we will "go to hell"; we will create that outcome in our reality. We need not worry, however, because we will only experience our self-created "hell" until we don't want to anymore, until we don't believe in it anymore. That's the moment we end the present experience. Incidentally, it's very much the same way here on earth. We can think we are in a living hell, and then we can change our perception about it, and the entire experience changes for us.

If the Bible isn't all true, what parts do we study?

Study any parts you wish to study. If you could only study stuff that's "true," that would leave out half the history books and social studies texts you read in school, and most of the newspaper articles written today. Read the Bible as often as you like, and go within with each reading to ask yourself what is true for you. Do the same with Conversations with God or any other book of spiritual wisdom.

Are we supposed to still pay tithes? I was taught to pay tithes to the place where you're taught. Are you set up to receive tithes?

You are not "supposed" to do anything. Who would do the "supposing?" Tithing is a very effective means of increasing your financial abundance, for that which you give to another, you give to yourself. If you demonstrate yourself to be abundant, you will experience yourself being abundant. That is why most spiritual movements and nearly all religions encourage tithing in one form or another... Not because it is "good" to tithe, but because what goes out comes back to you. And yes, The ReCreation Foundation, which is a non-profit organization, does receive tithes each month from people all over the world who choose to contribute to what they consider to be a source of spiritual inspiration.

How do I discover my purpose?

You cannot "discover" your purpose. CwG says life is not a process of discovery, it is a process of creation. You have no purpose until you assign yourself one. Who else would give you one? God? And, having given you one, would He then keep it a secret from you? Here is a great wisdom: We are waiting for God to show us our purpose, and God is waiting for us to show Him our purpose.

I know the Father ruined my suicide attempts for a reason. Is sharing enough? How can I do more to help?

There is nothing you need do to help, because nobody needs your help. There is only one reason to do anything: to announce and declare, express and experience, fulfill and become Who You Really Are. Does sharing your wisdom and your help with others give you an experience of Who You Are? Then do that. If it does not, then don't do it, because you will only wind up resenting it anyway, and that will help no one.

My friend, read CwG over again, because all of the answers are in there. Everything I've said here is in the CwG books. There is no need to convince anyone of any of this. All people come to the truth when they are ready. Just watch and wait. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear." Wait for the "student" to be ready.

Many blessings,


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