The CWG Weekly Bulletin: Special Edition

Mar 18, 2022

My dear friends...

I am so happy to tell you this week of something that the Conversations with God Foundation is inviting all of you to join with us in doing!  It can touch the world in ways we could only have talked about, but not actually accomplished, just a few short years ago: Begin to change the world, by changing our own individual energy.

People everywhere are asking: “What can I do? Is there anything I can do to help our world in these days of ongoing dire world circumstances?”  This is an answer to that question.

We are suggesting that you apply the messages which I’m sure you’ve heard many times in your life about raising the vibration of the personal energy that you are experiencing, and that you are then sending out into the world.


A major project has just been launched that encourages and invites you to not only do this, but to do it in a way that could impact the planet at large. You can now decide to unite your intention to raise your vibration with the intention of many, many others who are doing the exact same thing at the exact same time every day, all across the globe.


This is a new movement that’s afoot, and many of my colleagues—authors of books and senders of spiritual messages through their wonderful teachings—have accepted my invitation to join in, and to tell their audiences about it as well. Now you have a chance to collaborate with us, adding your wonderful energy to this global outreach on any day that you can (which we hope will be almost every day!) at 5AM or 5PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You can find out when this is where you live, simply take 30 seconds to use the convenient tool at  


The notion of people sending their best vibes into the world together is not an unheard of idea, but what is exciting about this particular project is that, because so many authors and their readers are joining together at very particular and identical times each day, the power of critical mass that creates a tipping point is being unleashed.


We’re talking about not thousands, or hundreds of thousands, but millions in every corner of the planet, raising their vibration intentionally in a way that is “timed and combined”, producing a wave on the ocean of humanity—a wonderful washing over of positive energy, just when our world needs it most.


We all know that the essential essence of which each of us is made is the energy that translates into what we call “light.”  And now it is a time for us to unite the light, and increase its brightness so expansively that it shines on the world entire.


Everything about this project is in tune with the  Conversations with God messages. The CWG Foundation is joyfully supporting this wonderful outreach, and invites you to do so also if you feel called.


For suggestions on how you can raise your own personal energy vibration, and any more information you’d like to have about this just-at-the-right-time project, go to


Thanks for joining me in this!

Hugs & Love,


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