A Letter to Neale

This is a letter from some years ago, and it seems it is time to look at not only the question but, most especially, the answer…. enjoy!

Hi, Neale!

I'm not writing to you as an authority on everything in the world. But I realize that through your experiences with god/goddess you might have a better perspective than I do.

I just finished reading the prophecies of Nostradamus and the author of Saved by the Light, Dannion Brinkley. What troubles me is that both of their predictions are similar and you hinted at the same thing in your book.

Are these really the end times? Do you believe like the Mayans that if significant changes aren't made in the earth's love frequency, it will end in 2010? Is there really an Anti-Christ who's going to attempt world domination? These predictions are scary, but at the same time I realize that we can't be scared, we chose to be here at this time to experience this.

Everybody says the only thing to do, is to prepare your spirit and soul and get centered with God within. But how, with just meditation and prayer? Basically, I guess I'm asking what can we do to prepare ourselves for the upcoming changing times? Remember you said that I can ask you anything, and that you would always be there. Did I forget to mention how much that meant to me? Though I didn't understand the last part, about how you are served through me.

Love, Penny.

Neale Responds

My dear Penny, I am so saddened by these thoughts that keep surfacing about how the world as we know it is going to end. The end of the world has been predicted from the beginning of time. And the world very well may end some time soon...or certainly, life as it is now being lived may change amazingly and dramatically.

But the question in front of us should not be, Oh, my, what is going to happen to me? And the world? But, rather, How can I use this moment now to become the personification of the grandest version of the greatest vision ever I held about myself? How can I heal myself and heal the world? What good can I do in this moment now to bring more love, more light, more awareness, more understanding, more unconditional acceptance to the world? How can I touch the part of me which is touched in every moment by God?

What happens on this planet occurs out of the collective consciousness. It is the product of the combined reality shared by all. That combined reality is shaped, formed, created in part by you, every hour, every day. Thoughts are things, and can be used by you to change the things which have been created by other thoughts which have preceded you.

Your questions about Nostradamus and Brinkley, suggest that we are on a collision course which cannot be avoided; that our fate is predestined. Yet I tell you this: nothing is predestined in the mind of God, for the mind of God is your mind, thinking what it is thinking right now. Yours, and mine, and everyone else's. It is our thoughts, our ideas, our decisions, our choices, our determinations which will and do create our Reality.

That is the largest message of God: you are creating your own reality. No one gets it. Not even so-called "new agers." If they did, they wouldn't ask questions such as "Are the end-times predictions true?" They would ask, "What do I choose now to do in the face of all the world's thoughts about this?" Then they would answer the question, not just ask it and wait for an answer from another.

You, my friend, do not need to hear from me on this. You know all you need to know of love, of peace, of harmony, of honesty and integrity, kindness and goodness, peace and, yes, even of God. Simply act as if you did. Make every day, every moment, a living monument to what you already know of these things; a living testimony to what you have decided about these things; a living demonstration of Who You Really Are.

My wonderful Penny, do what you are. Do loving, kind, gentle, peaceful, honorable, healing things. Every day. Everywhere you go. With every person whose life you touch. Then, seek to touch even more lives. And then, even more after that. Reach out and touch the world with your magnificence, and the magnificence of the truth of Who You Are. Of who we all are.

In every moment we have the choice to live in love or in fear. Choose love now, and every time. If the world is going to end as we know it, so what? Only one of two things can happen: you are going to die with it, in which case you'll be in a far better place than ever you imagined; or you will be continuing to live, and in the most exciting times this planet has ever seen. And you will be one of the few with an understanding of all that has happened, and all that can then happen, to create a newer world.

So live not in fear, but in faith. Faith that whatever the future holds in store, it is perfect. The perfect conditions for you to create the perfect experience of who and what you really are.

God is a loving God. Nothing is created, nothing, which does not proceed to your Highest Good. You either believe that or you don't. If you do, there is nothing I need to say to make everything feel better to you. If you don't, there is nothing I can say.

Penny, I don't claim to know or have all the answers. Neither, I think, does Nostradamus (by extension), nor Brinkley, nor anyone else. All messages we receive are received through the filters of our own understandings and prior beliefs.

In other words, Neale hears what Neale is prepared to hear, ready to hear, trained to hear, and predisposed to hear. Only you can decide whether what Neale hears from his source is anything close to the truth of your being. The same is true of the material which comes through Brinkley, or anyone else. The world may very well be shaken to its core within the next fifty years, or less. Some say next month. The question is, then what? What will you do then?

What good will you be to the rest of us? To those who are in fear and anguish, trembling in the dark, afraid of the future? I say this to you, my friend, because I want you to consider that you may have been sent to the world at precisely this time in order to be one of those who heals the world, not sends it further into fear. Do that. It is not difficult. Anyone who has ever received even so much as a smile from you would tell you how easy it is for you to do that.

Go, therefore, and be a gift unto the world. And smile a lot. For a smile is love, announced. Love of whatever and whoever it is you are smiling at.



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