A Letter to Neale

Mar 12, 2021

Reader Question:

Dear Neale...I was forced to be a closed minded person, who read the bible and found it to be wonderful, but following that saved me and ruined my life. I love Jesus and God more than any other. You can ask them. lol. I was with my daughter after my husband's death. Yahoo. And she wanted a book on Wicca that was not allowed with us, and I opened my mind and took her to the library, but I was searching for my own answers. On the shelf I chose all the books were aligned and the only one that was pulled forward was CWG-1. I saw it shine, I picked it up, and after I stopped crying while reading it I understood everything. Do you know really what that feels like when someone had broken your heart so bad you can't breathe, then to find relief? Thank you. It truly made me a whole person. I love your work, and hope to help those I can.

Sincerely...Caroline Thomas.

P.S.--My daughter got her book and loved it, too.

Neale Responds

My dear Caroline...It is when I read messages such as yours that I realize once again what an extraordinary gift God has given the world in the CWG dialogues...and how humbly grateful I am for having been allowed to play a small role in that. Thank you for your lovely, lovely note.

I have published your letter here because I want other people to have a first-hand experience of the extraordinary healing and helping power of the Conversations with God material – so that they may know what they are putting into our world when they agree to offer us their support.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I ask you for $5 for the non-profit Conversations with God Foundation? Just $5 from all of you reading this would help the Foundation so much in continuing its mission! Only $5 can change a life, such as Caroline Thomas'. Please go now to this link and help us with 500 pennies...yes?

Donate HERE.

It asks so little and it does so much.

With deep gratitude...

Pure Love,


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