A Letter to Neale

Mar 05, 2021

Reader Question:

Dear Neale...In one of your audios you say that the purpose of life is the journey for each of us to return to the whole of us. You also say that we are magnificent just as we are which implies that we don't need anything because we are already whole.

Why don't we know that we are fine and magnificent?

I've been reading about 'soul retrieval' and 'experts' out there who say that they are qualified to retrieve the part/s of your soul that are missing. The theory is that when you have traumatic experiences, you lose a part/s of your soul, which happens (in order) to protect you from the trauma. Is this what you are referring to here.......putting humpty back together again?

If we are broken with missing pieces that need to be retrieved, then surely how to go about the retrieval is vital to our wellbeing and continued happy existence on earth.

Thanks for your input on this one.

Love, Sue

Neale Responds

Dear Sue...Conversations with God says that the purpose of life is to announce and declare, express and experience, become and fulfill Who We Really Are. In the doing of this, we do, in fact, "return to the Whole of Us," because that IS "Who We Really Are." Yet returning to the Whole of Us does not mean that we are NOT "whole" just the way we are.

Sue, we are not "broken" in any way, nor are we less than whole. We are Whole, Complete, and Perfect just the way we are. AND...what is ALSO true is that there is MORE of us. Even as the two partners in a married couple are hopefully whole and complete in and of themselves. They do not join together in their love to BECOME whole. They already ARE whole, and they join together to experience the greater wonder of their wholeness together. It is in this same sense that we journey to return to the Whole, in the sense of journeying to rejoin the "rest of us."

As for the "experts" on "soul retrieval, I don't know who these folks are, but I can tell you categorically that there are no parts of our soul that are missing, or ever could be. You cannot "lose" a part of your soul, and then suddenly need to "get it back" again. Your soul may very well protect you from trauma, but it does not do this by splitting off a part of itself...but rather, by enlarging itself and its energy field to accommodate the negative energy of a trauma.

The journey home is not about putting Humpty Dumpty back together again, it's about the whole lake flowing into the whole river flowing into the whole ocean. The lake does not get "smaller" somehow because it is flowing into the ocean by way of the river. The lake is the lake, and it is the WHOLE lake, just as you are you, and you are the WHOLE you within, nothing missing at all --- least of all any part of your soul.

Life is not about retrieving missing pieces, it's about realizing that there are no pieces that are missing. It's about self realization, not about self recovery. Neither you nor your soul can ever be or ever has been "broken," nor can you ever "lose" a part of your soul. You ARE the soul. The soul is not something that comes along with you for the ride --- some kind of "companion" in life that is there to guide you or protect you. The soul is YOU. It is Who You Are.

Your "experts" have it wrong. God would never do that to you. God would never require you to give up, or lose, a part of your own soul in order to protect you from some trauma, and then make you spend a lifetime, or even part of a lifetime, on some kind of project or process to "retrieve" your soul. Wow, what an idea.

Pure Love,


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