A Letter to Neale

Dear Neale,

I have read your books, met you at the Communion With God weekend at The Omega Center in Reinbeck NY,  and viewed the movie. Thank You, for all you do, all that you are. Thank You, for sharing that which lives within each of us. Thank you, for listening.

I started reading your books many years ago. They have helped to encourage me to believe and Re~Member All that I Am. I have started my own business, "All~Ways Enrich Your Spirit". I am now directing spiritual growth retreats, workshops, encouraging others to venture within, and living what were once my dreams.

The most profound thing is I have fallen in love with me, and all I have been created to be. I am living a life I once dreamed of. I want to thank you, (I thank God/Me everyday) for being a very big part of my healing, believing, growing, and re~membering process.

Words haven't been invented yet to describe how awesome it feels to be ONE with GOD, ONE with ME.

Many Blessings,


Neale Responds

Dear Jane...

I am so very pleased that the Conversations with God books have brought benefit to your life. It is very kind of you to write and to tell me so. And you are right about the feeling of total unity with the Divine, and the inability of words to describe it. As CwG says: Words are the least reliable form of communication. Still, you have done a wonderful job of sharing with us what living a spiritual life has done for you, and how it has changed everything in your experience. That is why I have published your letter in our Weekly Bulletin. I want not just questions and answers in this space, but testimonials, too. Testimonials to the wonderful outcomes that rush into our lives when we "let go and let God." Thank you, Jane, for being such an inspiration and such a model for the rest of us.  

Blessed be.


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