A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear Neale...I just read your newsletter on being 'aware' instead of having 'faith'. It's deep. I don't know what to think of it. I can feel its truth, but the mind needs to wrap itself around this truth.

Please know that when I come across such a topic and I feel I need to read and re-read the article until the message seeps into me, I cannot move on with another article without quite 'getting' the previous.

I do really value your newsletters and it's the closest someone like me can ever get to you. :)

Thank You...Carolyne

Neale Responds

Dear Carolyne...Thanks for your letter. I do understand what you are saying here. I am sure that’s why God said to me in CwG-Book 1, read, read, and re-read this material until you practically have it memorized. The messages are very deep, and yes, they must be visited and revisited in order to really and fully “get” them. Yet once we do, our lives change, utterly and completely.

This business of replacing ‘faith’ with ‘awareness’ and ‘knowing’ is not a small example. I like to use, as an illustration of this, a person’s relationship with their spouse. You can have ‘faith’ that your spouse is never going to run around with someone else, or you can live in a place of absolute ‘awareness’ that this is true; a place of ‘knowing.’

When you are deeply one with another, ‘faith’ in them is no longer necessary. It is replaced with ‘knowing’ and with ‘awareness’ of who they are. It is this deep awareness that there are certain things they would never do that brings you peace. You no longer need faith. You have awareness.

It works the same way with God. When you have an ‘awareness’ that life always wants the best for you (as my friend Jacques Schecroun has written in his book by that title), that God is always on your side, and that nothing but what is for your benefit can ever happen to you, ‘faith’ is no longer necessary.

I have looked at how my life has always worked out in the end for my highest and best good, and I see this so consistently, that ‘awareness’ has replaced ‘faith’ in my experience. You see?

With Love,


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