A Letter to Neale

Reader Question:

Dear NEALE...Hey.  I have a question about something you wrote...

You say, "CWG calls DNA our Divine Natural Awareness. It is the coding that, if we follow it, leads us to our expression and experience of Divinity---in us, through us, as us."

You also say,  "life is not a process of discovery, it is a process of creation." It is not ours to "discover" Who We Are, it is ours to "create" Who We Are.

So, I am confused.  Do we 'follow' our Divine Coding?  Or do we 'create'?

Was my childhood abuse an expression or experience of Divinity?  Or, did I create it, as well as the incident wherein I was kicked in the face by a horse?  Isn't that an odd choice?  What was I thinking?

And, just who is 'we?'  We - the human race?  We - each individual?

Thanks, Candis

Neale Responds

Dear Candis…

Thank you for your letter. You ask a very fair and very interesting questions. The answer is, you do both. You 'follow your Divine coding' AND you 'create.' You are divinely coded to create! And so, when you are creating, you are following your Divine Coding!

I know that what I am going to say next is going to be difficult to accept, but there was a reason known in the heavens for your childhood abuse, and CWG says that "there are no victims and there are no villains." That must mean that at some level you joined in the co-creation of this experience --- just as you joined in the experience with the horse.

CWG says that nothing in life has happened TO you...everything has happened THROUGH you. There is a reason, often unclear to our Mind, yet nevertheless part of the Soul's agenda, for everything that happens to us in our lives. In our spiritual renewal retreats we use a process called, Soulogic in which we help people unravel what this reason might be. We help them to finish their "unfinished business" and heal any lasting wounds that are being held in the Mind regarding past events in our lives.

The 'we' being referred to in your question about "Who we really are" is both the collective "we" (meaning all of humanity) and the singular "we" (meaning you, and me, and all individuals).

My wonderful friend, I am sorry that you endured such experiences in your earlier years. Yet I am as sure as I ever was about anything that your Soul has benefited from all of its encounters --- those you have called 'good' and those you have called 'not so good.'

With Love,


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