A Letter to Neale: How ‘sourcing’ works!

Jan 28, 2022

Dear Diana…I picked this letter out of the stack because it fit perfectly with the longer bulletin message this week from the book The Holy Experience. Diana, to find a good life partner, BE a good life partner to another. If you do not have "another" to be a good life partner with, than be a good life partner to everyone. Act as if everyone was your spouse! Act as if everyone was your lover! Do this for three months and I promise you that you'll have plenty of people coming to you asking you for a little of your magic and begging you to consider them as a possible life partner.

If you want to have good health for yourself, be the source of good health for another. There are many ways you can do this. Help someone that you know and love with their diet. Encourage someone with whom you are close to do more exercise. You might even invite them to go to the gym with you as you do yours. Buy someone a subscription to a health-oriented magazine! There are a dozen ways that you can be the source of good health for another. Indeed, the ways are endless. Simply smiling at other people sends them healing energies.

You see how easy it is?



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