A Letter to Neale

Dear Neale:

Conversations with God speak to me on a level where I see an integration of the Divine and the human. I am, however, having difficulty understanding one thing. I understand that I am the spirit of the Creator expressing Itself as me, therefore, I Am--in fact, in reality and in truth--the spirit of God, and as such I can create a life of "perfection" right here on Earth. I therefore understand that anything else in my life is a mis-creation, and I can simply release it and choose to create that which I think is God-like. On page 13 of CwG, Book 1 , however, I read "I do not care what you do, and that is hard for you to hear" and, just before that, "...your will for you is God's will for you."

What happens when we are of the consciousness "...not as I will, but Thy will be done?" What happens when we make a choice to make God choose for us, and God is saying, "I do not care what you do?" What happens to the will, the idea, the request then, if we say to God, you choose for us, but God is saying, you choose for you?

Please clarify. May you be abundantly blessed in all that you choose, and I send you much Light for your journey!

Yvonne, Canada.

Neale Responds

Dear Yvonne,

You have asked a very good question. When you make a choice to have God choose for you, you have essentially taken down the sail, let go of the rudder, and set your boat adrift on a stormy sea. This is because God has no preference in the matter, and really and truly chooses for you what you choose for you. Or, to put this all another way, if God did have a preference, this, in fact, would be it: that you get to choose. Now if you do not want to choose, we have a small problem here.

You can, of course, give up your future to fate, which is a marvelous acronym for "From All Thoughts Everywhere." And those winds of fate may take you to safe harbor, or a shipwreck. If you are having "no thought about" what it is you choose, but are leaving everything to chance (that is, to God), then you are, in effect, yielding to the thoughts of everyone around you (which is Who God Is), and of your own subconscious mind.

The first thing that will happen is that your personal creative Self will turn for direction to your original sponsoring thought. You will then produce an outcome. You simply won't do it consciously. You'll do it unconsciously, then claim that what happened was "fate," or "the will of God."

In addition to your own sponsoring thought, your future will also be impacted by the collective consciousness of the world around you; that is, the other human beings who people your life, with whom you travel on your journey, and, to some degree, all the people of the Earth, whose combined attitudes too often create the collective experience of the lot of us.

Now, since many of the thoughts belonging to these other people may be strikingly different from each other, you may find yourself battered a bit. This will manifest itself as your feeling "torn" over what to do. In life, indecision only breeds more indecision. Furthermore, you will soon discover that--and here is the dichotomy --not to decide is to decide. The truth is, you are always deciding, and thus, you are always creating. It is merely a question of what method you use.

My recommendation: make a conscious choice about everything.

Many blessings,


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