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Jan 21, 2023

My dear friends...

Nothing is evil lest thinking make it so.

Shakespeare wrote that, and the world has been proving it again and again.

A while back, there was a big brouhaha over something that Pope Benedict XVI said. Some people perceived his remarks as an insult to Islam, and thus, as damaging. The Pope's comments were damaging...but not because they were an insult to Islam. His words were, in fact, historically accurate. They were damaging for another reason altogether.

For some time many Muslims throughout the world had been angrily protesting. I believe that for most of them, this behavior was a learned response. Yet for Highly Evolved Beings -- which we humans say that we are -- anger that leads to violence (and, once again, this anger has) is neither the appropriate response, nor the most beneficial.

As I said, this anger that we had been seeing was a learned response. Most human behavior is.

Most behaviors of most people are responses which arise out of their memory bank, which stores Information On Everything from the day they are born. (Actually, from before that day. Humans have in utero cognition.) Very few people have mastered the ability to produce responses out of thin air, based on No Prior Data. This is called an Act of Pure Creation, and it is possible for all of us to do this. I will now tell you how.

What humans can do is change the data by adding to it . They cannot alter Prior Data, but they can enlarge the database . They can put into their memory banks new and important information on Everything in Life -- including life itself. When they do this, they create a New Beginning in the Mental Process of Data Analysis through which they make their choices and decisions. They start out from a different place. They do something by this process that is crucial to behavior modification: they alter their perspective.

It is important to understand that Perspective is Everything . It is not a little thing. It is everything. Perspective is the way we look at things , and the way we look at things absolutely determines the way we see them .

Now that may seem like an obvious thing, but to most people it is not obvious. If it were obvious, they would pay much more attention to what they put into their minds , and to what has been put into their minds for them by others . They would explore all of their Prior Data on a subject (or certainly on every important subject, such as God, Love, Sex, Money, Health, Life Purpose, Truth, etc.) and they would add to the Prior Data , enlarge the Data Base, so that they would have more options to choose from when deciding and determining and defining Who They Are.

Conversations with God says that "every act is an act of self-definition." For our definition to be "living" and not "dead" (that is, current and not old; fresh and not stale), we would have to regularly update the Data from which we gather our information upon which we draw our conclusions through which we make our decisions about what we think, say, and do in the moment-to-moment expressions that we call Life Itself.

We need New Memories for the Memory Bank so that we can remember Who We Really Are. First, we have to decide Who We Really Are, then enter Data in our Memory Bank that reflects tha . We must change our fundamental reality. Alter our basic understanding. Shift our Perspective.

All of this can be done. Human beings are capable of doing this. But first, we must be willing to do something quite extraordinary, something quite courageous. We must be willing to question the prior assumption .

If the prior assumption cannot be questioned, we are dead. Our Definition of Self will be dead. It will be based not on living data, but on dead data. Data from the past. And not even our own data, but data that someone else has given us about ourselves, about Life, about how it is, and about Everything -- including God.

For us to fully evolve as a species, we must let go of that which is dead. We must allow ourselves to be born again . For our Definition of Self to be a living definition we must allow ourselves to question what others have told us ...about ourselves, about Life, and about God. Then we must allow ourselves to do something even more courageous. We must allow ourselves to make up New Data.  Data that more closely resembles our highest idea about Who We Are and Who We Choose to Be. It is by this process, and only by this process, that we recreate ourselves anew in the next grandest version of the greatest vision ever we held about Who We Are.

This process is call evolution.

It is made possible through education. Yet education must take on a new dimension. Education must tell us not only about what humanity has come to know about Life so far, but also about what humanity wishes to know about Life in the future; not only about what humanity has come to understand about itself, but also about what humanity has come to wish about itself. 

This is the means by which all self-conscious beings evolve. Wishing is the difference between being self-conscious and unconscious. It is what differentiates self-conscious beings from life forms which are not consciously aware of themselves as creators of their next-experienced reality.

I want you to understand that. I want you to bring that into your awareness and let it rest there awhile before you go on to the next idea. Please look at that key statement again. Read it aloud, if that helps you. Bring it in. Roll it around. Work with it.

I'll repeat it here for you. What I said was...

Wishing is the difference between being self-conscious and unconscious. It is what differentiates self-conscious beings from life forms which are not consciously aware of themselves as creators of their next-experienced reality.

The ability of the human species to evolve further from where it is at right now is firmly based in our ability (and our willingness) to add to the Data in our Memory Banks by making data up . In other words...

Unconscious beings (less-evolved life forms) evolve through the assimilation of data about That Which Is Observed and Experienced. Conscious Beings, on the other hand, evolve through the creation of data about That Which Is Desired.

Assimilation...creation. There is an enormous difference. That difference marks a quantum leap in the evolutionary process .

Highly Evolved Beings (HEBS) are beings who decide to, quite literally, remember new things . If we wish to become HEBS, we must remember what we have never known. Our Definition of Self must emerge not from what we have known, but from what we choose.

This is the next step in the evolution of humanity. Individually and collectively, this is our next step. Our Definition of Self must emerge not from what we have known, but from what we choose.

A while back, the Pope violated this protocol. He abandoned this formula. That is why he created such dismay among those in the world who deeply understand what happened here. His ill-chosen remarks about Islam jarred the process of humanity's evolution. And that is why it was appropriate for him to apologize. Not because what he said was inaccurate, but because it was outdated. It had nothing to do with tomorrow. It had nothing to do with What We Choose, and everything to do with What We Chose. Some are now saying that it "brought us back to reality." Yet nothing is real in reality. All of it is made up.

I should like to draw from Shakespeare's extraordinary observation and expand upon it: Nothing is REAL lest thinking make it so.

We can change the future...not by ignoring the past, but by forging ahead, by moving on. To create a New Tomorrow we must move past the past . This is the one thing that so many people cannot seem to do. They continue to come from yesterday in the creation of tomorrow. Yet if you use "What Was" to create "What Will Be," then What Will Be will be What Was.

It's as simple -- and as complex -- as that. 

With Love,

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