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My dear friends...

Last week we continued our exploration of The Holy Experience by focusing on the fifth tool with which we can achieve this, the tool of explaining. This is when we explain to others what we have come to understand as a result of using the first four tools.

We continue our look at that tool this week.

It has been said that we teach what we choose to learn. I choose to learn more and more about how the Universe works, about Divinity and the Essence of all of life, about the process of Life Itself, about others, and about myself. Thus, I teach about all these things. I have used the tool of the explainer.

One does not have to write books or offer lectures or present workshops in order to do this. Explaining comes in many forms, not the least of which is the living of one’s life in a particular way. Our daily example is the best explanation we could offer of what we understand about ourselves, about God, and about life. The behavior that we model is a practical explanation of our thoughts about everything.

When we take what we have embraced as our innermost truth and allow our lives, in a hundred ways, to stand as an explanation to others, we move one giant step closer to Full Realization. We have become Aware of life in the world around us, and of exactly how we choose to live it, given our understanding and consciousness about Who We Are.

Explaining that for which we have been yearning, that for which we have been willing, that which we have been exploring, and that which we have been embracing, completes the Five Steps to Awareness. Our explanation is our demonstration of the level that our awareness has reached.

The last five tools of Ten Instruments of The Holy Experience are:

6. Resonance
7. Visualization
8. Movement
9. Ritual
10. Service & Discipline

You will recall that the Ten Instruments are divided into two types: Physical Tools (described fully in preceding issues of The Weekly Bulletin) and Spiritual Tools (which I will describe in upcoming issues). I have alternately called these two types The Five Tools of Awareness, and The Five Tools of Non-Awareness of the World.

You will also remember that I said previously here that “Complete Awareness plus Complete Non-Awareness equals Realization.” When you are Aware and Non-Aware at the same time, you are Fully Realized. This is what is known as the Holy Experience.

Now, we explore this second set of five tools, we need to look at this business of Non-Awareness that I have introduced here. And that is exactly where we will pick up this discussion next week.

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