Step out of Yesterday

My dear friends...

I want to say a few more on Awareness, before I move to this week's exploration...

Awareness is a very, very important aspect of Life. I think it's an important quality to nurture and to grow. If we can grow in Awareness, I think that we grow in one of the most vital ways. I think that Awareness is Vitality. I think it is Spiritual Vitality. I think that one is "spiritually vital" when one is Aware---and I think that when one is Aware one becomes "spiritually vital." I'm saying that I think the effect is circular. 

So look deeply into each moment. Savor each nanosecond. Don't miss a single cloud formation, if you can help it. Or a single fragrance. Or a single nuance in the energy of your Beloved. Don't miss this; don't miss this, DON'T MISS THIS. 

When you are aware--deeply aware--of the wonder of Now (Eckhart Tolle has written marvelously on this subject), you find it really very easy to declare that you are now having The Holy Experience. 

Now, to the topic of this week's entry here: in the past I have said, "Personal and societal transformation is arduous. It is immensely challenging. It is not work for the feint of heart or the weak-spirited. It is work for the strong and the courageous. It is the last step in having the Holy Experience. The next step is declaring that one is going to do just that."

Now I want to tell you that personal and societal transformation doesn't have to be arduous. It can be easy when you step out of Yesterday and into the Now. 

Stepping out of Yesterday is as simple as realizing: that was THEN and this is NOW

NOW has nothing to do with THEN. We think that it does, but it does not. Yesterday was Yesterday, and it has nothing to do with Today. You are not who you were Yesterday, and nothing you did Yesterday, and nothing that happened to you or through you Yesterday, has anything to do with Today. 

Each moment is the Moment of Creation

This is the Wonder and the Glory of Life. This is precisely why each Moment IN Life is, in fact, a Holy Experience. What makes it holy is that it embodies the sacred process of creation itself. 

This is not something that most people know, or realize in the specific sense. When they do, they often declare openly that they are having The Holy Experience. 

Yet we do not have to wait until we are having that experience (or know that we are having it) to declare that we are having it. Indeed, the very act of declaring it produces it. 

That was a mouthful right there, that was an extraordinary thing that was just said, and so it deserves to be said again. With regard to The Holy Experience, the greatest secret in Life is that the act of declaring it produces it. 

This is true of ALL of Life. What you declare is what you produce. Speak your Word, and the word is made flesh and dwells among us. 

So never look over your shoulder to know Who You Are right now. You are NOT who you WERE. You are who you are RIGHT NOW. Let go of Yesterday and of all that has happened to you and through you, then simply declare: I Am That I Am. 

I Am What I Am Right Here, Right Now.

And just exactly what is that? It is whatever you choose for it to be. 

Hugs and Love,


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