Be the Source

As you know, we have been embarked on a wonderful journey here in the Weekly Bulletin, exploring what I have called The Holy Experience. 

This week we return to our look at The Holy Experience. As you know if you have been reading along, we have been listing the several tools that I have discovered can make it possible for each of us to take in order to enter into such an experience. Over the most recent weeks we have explored steps 1-4.

The fifth tool on the path to the Holy Experience is used when we begin to explain to others what we have come to understand as a result of using the first four tools.

This path of explaining is a very high path, and very powerful. First, because it serves others; it serves humanity. It assists those who are still yearning or still exploring in finding their way to their own truth. Second, because it invokes a fundamental Law of the Universe, as described in Conversations with God, which says: That which you wish to experience, cause another to experience. Give away that which you wish to receive.

Elsewhere CwG puts this even more succinctly: Be The Source.

There are only two places to be on the “playing board of life.” You can either be on the square marked Recipient, or on the square marked Source.

If you stand on the square marked Recipient you will forever be looking to receive. You will be looking to receive things from God, from your boss, your company, your spouse, your family and friends, and from your world. You will become a supplicant, a requester. You will pray or ask or beg or plead or request at some level, and then you will hope to receive what you have requested.

If you stand on the square marked Source you will forever be looking to give. You will be looking to give things from God, to your boss, your company, your spouse, your family and friends, and to your world. You will become a supplier, a resource. You will offer, source, provide, and supply at some level, and then you will experience having what you have supplied, for how could you supply it if you did not have it?

Thus, if you supply to others what you, yourself, desire, you will experience having it.

Now, if what you have desired for many years is an explanation of life and God and How Things Work, and if you begin offering this explanation to others (even as I am doing here), you will soon experience yourself as having that.

Just as you will have here, in this space next week, the next installment in our continuing exploration of The Holy Experience. See you then!

Hugs and love,

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