A Letter to Neale

Dear Neale...When I am discussing my beliefs with others, that are centered around the CwG teachings, I find it very difficult to get the point across that there is no separation between us and God, or each other. People have a very hard time accepting that, and I am finding it increasingly challenging to explain it in a matter which makes sense. Although I have read the books many times, and it makes perfect sense to me, is there an easier way to help others see this alternative view?

Thank you kindly,

Neale Responds

My Dear Andrea...Here is what I tell people:

Every religion on the earth has agreed on one thing. All have agreed that God is the All In All, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End.

If God is, indeed, the All In All, then WE would have to NOT be part of the All for us to not be part of God.

God and We are One for the wonderfully obvious reason that there is nothing that God Is Not.

Then I share with people my observation that Separation Theology is what has damaged the people of the earth so deeply. I invite them to read What God Wants...an extraordinary little book that invites an exciting exploration of the True Nature of God.

A Separation Theology is a theology that says God is "over there" and we are "over here" -- separate from each other, and that it is our job to find our way back "over there" so that we can be once more Home with God. I invite people to then read Home With God, another remarkable book.

I tell people that Separation Theology produces, inevitably, a Separation Psychology, which produces a Separation Cosmology, which produces a Separation Sociology, with produces a Separation Pathology...resulting in pathological behaviors of self-destruction upon the earth.

I ask people: What in Life do you see as not being infused with God? The stars, the heavens? Nature? The beauty of flowers, the majesty of eagles? Where do you see God missing? Could it be only in the mirror?

With Love,


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