Wisdom that Works: The CWG Online School

A 24 Lesson Series to help enrich your understanding of the life changing messages of Conversations with God. Are you ready to be a leader and a teacher of the CWG material? This program, led by CWG Life Coach Annie Sims, is designed to move you to a greater place of knowing and application. Annie will be with you every step of the way to ensure you have all the support you need as you become the leader you have been called to be.

This Program is offered at three distinct levels of learning:

Level One

The lessons in this level consist of the most fundamental messages of
CWG. Through the process of Exploration, Reflection & Action, you will be given the tools to master these life-changing concepts.

Level Two

Building on Level One, this level offers a deep look into some of the more complex concepts from Conversations With God, then cements these explorations with reliable application.

Level Three

In this level we Explore the final core concepts from Conversations With God, along with Reflection and Action. This level connects all the dots with functional integration into your daily life.

Program Author and Instructor

Annie Sims

Annie Sims has personally trained with Neale Donald Walsch since 2005. In addition to her duties as Author/Instructor of the Wisdom that Works: The CWG Online School, Annie is one of only five Conversations With God Life Coaches chosen by Walsch. She serves as Secretary of the board of the Conversations With God Foundation and facilitates a bi-monthly CWG Spiritual Study Group in Los Angeles.

Each level can be purchased separately for the
budgeting of your time and resources:

Begin with Level One now for $120.00

Or save 20% by committing to take the entire
Wisdom that Works: The CWG Online School:

Access all three levels now for $288.00

"Your classes worked really well for me. They provided an efficient way to put the concepts of the CWG cosmology in practice and weren't too time consuming for me (which is a factor to weigh in when you have two jobs, two kids and an appetite for traveling!). Besides, you have a very refreshing, down-to-Earth way of explaining things. The examples you gave often stuck with me and helped a lot. I can never forget your dedication and true heart fullness, to me and to us all. Let me know if you're thinking about giving more of them because I'd be the first to enroll!"

Sophie Lise Fargue
Therapist & Life Coach, France

"I really enjoyed the content and was very happy with Annie Sims as the Instructor, she gave good examples and was great at getting me to see how I could put all I learned into practice in my life. I am now a facilitator teaching others this very valuable information. I have even started a discussion group on CWG once a week, it is going great! "

Allan Farnsworth
Electrician & Natural Health Therapist, Canada

"I am so grateful for the Conversations with God cosmology and especially this program. I have gained the courage to be Who I Really Choose to Be and I feel so blessed. This experience is enabling me to live with deep appreciation for everything, to find the miracle and perfection in whatever is occurring, and to love life just as it is every moment. So, dear, sweet, kind, wise woman, Annie, thank you again so very very much!"

Jean Pieper
Retired Elementary School Teacher, US

From Neale Donald Walsch:

"Nothing uplifts me more than to know that people may now move closer than ever before to bringing the life-changing messages of Conversations with God into their everyday experience, thanks to this wonderful program created by Annie Sims, who has worked with me personally for over ten years and has made CWG a way of life. She is an inspiring and powerful CWG life coach, and engaging with her in this program can change your life forever."

Level One Overview:

Each level in the CWG Leadership Support Program covers eight concepts. This level offers the most foundational explorations. Any one of these eight concepts, put into practice, is life-changing. Put them all together and now you are living in such a way that not only has your life changed, but the lives of those around you can’t help but be positively impacted by this next grandest version of you!

Level One Syllabus:

The Basics:
We Are All One
There’s Enough
There’s Nothing You Have To Do
God Is Tallking To Us All the Time

Creation and Purpose:
You Create Your Own Reality
The Three Tools of Creation
The Be-Do-Have Paradigm
The Purpose of Life

Level Two Overview:

After completing the foundational concepts of Level One, we expand upon them with some of the more controversial messages of Conversations with God. If Level One's concepts are expressive in nature, then it could be said that Level Two's concepts are reflective. The eight concepts in this level will challenge you to look at your life and all life here on earth from an entirely different perspective... the Soul's perspective. 

Level Two Syllabus:

Dispelling A Few Misconceptions:
There’s No Right and Wrong
What God Wants and Requires
Damnation Does Not Exist
Death Does Not Exist

Larger Understandings:
Time & Space Do Not Exist
There Are No Victims and Villains
The Law of Opposites
There is No Absolute Truth

Level Three Overview:

With Level One and Two complete, you will be ready for some of the most advanced concepts from Conversations with God. These eight concepts, once applied, have the power to change your life forever. 

Level Three Syllabus:

The Power of Threes:
The 3 Core Concepts of Holistic Living
The 3 Levels of Awareness
The 3 Basic Principles of Life
The 3 Declarations of Empowerment

Moving Beyond the Illusions:
The Totality Of You
The Ten Illusions of Humans
The Five Fallacies About God and Life
The Five Steps To Peace

Begin with Level One now for $120.00

Or save 20% by committing to take the entire

Wisdom that Works: The CWG Online School:

Access all three levels now for $288.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, in depth and detail, along with suggestions of how you can integrate them practically into your life.

Yes, it touches a bit on all of them, some more than others, as the lessons are based on the 25 core messages.

Each core message has its own lesson which you read, followed by Self-Reflection Questions and Action Steps designed to ensure you fully comprehend and begin to use that particular concept. You post your comments and responses to the questions online, inside the program. Then Annie comments back on them, gently guiding you to your own higher remembering as she feels called to do. As a Conversations With God Life Coach, things people say that aren’t quite hitting the mark of the teaching tend to jump out at her. She offers these ideas as a way to fine-tune your understanding of this enormously life-altering material.

No, you will work solely with Annie, yet others may read your work if they choose to. You, likewise, may read theirs. We encourage you to be as transparent as you can in your process, knowing that your “aha" moments" may trigger “aha moments" for others!

No, all of the work is in text format inside the program.
Yes, because each lesson and level builds upon the previous one.
The lessons are more thought provoking than time consuming. It depends on your own style and the individual lesson, but probably a half hour - 45 minutes to read each lesson and answer its Self-Reflection Questions would be the average. Then you take the Action Steps out into the world with you for daily application and report back on how that is going for you before moving on to the next lesson. 
You totally go at your own pace. We suggest going no faster than one lesson per week so that you really cement that lesson’s concept into your experience before moving on to the next one. It won’t serve you to rush through the program because to fully reap its benefits you need to “live with” each concept for awhile. If you do one lesson per week, the entire program will take you six months.
Your login credentials never expire, so you may take a break if you need to, then jump back in whenever you’re ready. Additionally, you are welcome to return to the program again and again to re-read the lessons and your responses. You may also choose to save your work outside of the program for quick reference.
Yes! You will be emailed a Certificate of Completion that you may print out and frame after you finish all 24 lessons in the program.

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