CwG Quotes "The purpose of natural fear is to build a bit of caution. Caution is a tool that keeps the body alive. It is an outgrowth of love. Love of self. "

- Conversations with God Book 3




Daily Thought


There is no such thing as Right and Wrong. There is only What Works and What Does Not Work, depending upon what it is that you seek to be, do, or have.

- The New Revelation-Seventh New Revelation p 164





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The Conversations with God Foundation (also known as ReCreation Foundation, Inc.) is reaching people around the world with the messages from the Conversations with God book series, authored by Neale Donald Walsch.


Supported primarily through donations, the Foundation offers a variety of ways to explore CwG ideas and concepts including retreats, lectures, on-line courses and educational materials. In conjunction with its related publications, The Foundation continues to ignite interest in spirituality and to have a profound influence throughout the world.



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Unless otherwise specified, donation dollars go to support all aspects of the Foundation's business and programs. Donors may choose to donate to a specific program or to a scholarship program for individuals who can't afford to otherwise attend a Retreat or participate in its Education Programs. If you wish to donate to a specific fund, such as Prison Outreach Free Books Program, click here.


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ReCreation Foundation, Inc. can be named as a recipient in your will. Please speak with your attorney regarding this decision. Often individuals choose to donate to organizations such as the Foundation leaving cash, stocks, bonds and personal property such as art work, books and furniture. The Foundation works with the executor or attorney for the estate, after probate court, and the settlement takes place to complete the contribution transfer.


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There are a number of ways Endowments can be established(we highly advise speaking with your attorney and make sure you inform them that the Foundation is a 501(c)(3), non-profit corporation).


    • Funds can be placed in a savings account or CD and the interest is passed on to the Foundation while you, your family or company retain the principle in the account.
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    • Ownership (hence, profit) from Copyrights and/or Patent Rights can be transferred to the Foundation.
    • Assets from stocks and bonds traded or sold can be designated for the Foundation.
    • Profit making businesses (i.e. producing farmland, vineyards, ranches, commercial businesses) can give yearly profits to the Foundation


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