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November 12, 2010 #412


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Upcoming Events

A look at events at which Neale Donald Walsch will share the message of Conversations with God in the weeks ahead. You can learn more about the work of the ReCreation Foundation at these events...and on its official website, cwg.org, as well.

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The Homecoming
Ashland, Oregon


Being with God
Molokai, Hawaii

Spiritual Renewal Retreat
Medford, Oregon

Deep Study 1 & 2
Medford, Oregon

The Purpose
Medford, Oregon

NOTE: Not all events are sponsored by the ReCreation Foundation, but because all of the events move forward the message of Conversations with God, which is the mission of the Foundation, the Foundation is pleased to inform you of them.

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Will You Take The Next Step?

Notes From Neale

My Dear Friends...

Conversations with God tells us that we are three-part beings, made up of Body, Mind, and Soul. Last week in this space we began to explore together the pathway to the Soul. I am motivated to embark on this exploration with you because I get many questions about the Soul, and how to “get there.” If you missed last week’s opening installment in this series, I hope you will go back and read it.

We began last week by asserting that the way to the Soul is the way out of the Mind. What we need now is what philosopher/author Alan Sasha Lithman calls "a mutation of consciousness."  We need to get out of our Mind and into our Soul, so that we may see what we are looking at for what it is, rather than what we have imagined it to be.  We must look at life through what Ron and Mary Helnick, in their book Loyalty to Your Soul, call "Soul-Centered Eyes."  We must change everything about the way we hold, approach, and live our lives.  And we must do this before everything changes us.

The first step in this process is a willingness to shift.  We have to consent---as individuals, and ultimately, as a species---to undertake explorations of the realms outside the Mind...and to embrace as at least possible some of our findings there.  

The difficulty with such explorations is that all that can be found outside the realm of the Mind is Direct Experience---and Direct Experience is not confirmable, because it is not yet shareable.  And we live in a culture which largely asserts that "that which cannot be shared cannot be real."  So we find a way to share that which cannot be shared, in order to make it "real."

Thus was religion born.  Thus does religion continue to thrive.  For we are seeking to form a shared experience out of an experience that cannot be shared, but can only and always be subjective.  And we are seeking to do this because we know that this is the only way we can legitimize our experience of God.

If the experience is not shared by others, then it must not be real, our species has decided---and we have embraced this notion as absolute truth.  All true experience must be independently verifiable.  That is the measuring stick we have chosen to use.  If an experience is not independently verifiable, it is assumed to be simply the imagination of the experiencer.  Or, worse yet, the lunatic ravings of a mad man.

The sole reason that my Conversations with God books gained even a small amount of acceptance is that so many people came "out of the closet" and announced that they have had the same experience. 

The question now before humanity is, are we willing to go to the next step?  Are we willing to embrace as being at least possible some of the notions and ideas and messages of A New Theology that cannot be verified by mutual or similar experience?  Are you, individually, willing to shift your "ground of being" (that is, your whole way of being in the world, your whole way of moving through life) from a Mind-based platform to a Soul-based lift-off point?  Are you ready to start at a different point in your consideration of things, in your look at Life?

If you do this, you will have changed everything.  You will have changed your Being, which will open you to a new place of Consciousness, which will raise your level of Awareness, which will drastically alter your Perspective, which will dramatically shift your Perception, which will monumentally realign your Beliefs, which will produce brand spanking new Behaviors---which will result in an entirely different Experience.

And we will continue this exploration in this space next week!

Love and Hugs,

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The New CwG Website


Check out the new Conversation with God Foundation website at www.CwG.org! Totally redesigned with many NEW features, EASY to navigate, and more INFORMATIVE:

Visit the NEW Site

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Upcoming Event

The Annual Holiday Retreat
Experience The Message!

It's time for the holidays again! What would make this year a really vital and important experience for you?  What if you made the decision to create an experience for self-awareness, self-acceptance and celebration all rolled into one? What if you decided to welcome in the New Year with like-hearted people from all over the world in an enchanted holiday wonderland? 

You can create this magnificent possibility by coming to the annual Holiday Retreat in beautiful Ashland, Oregon.

Now, in this event, Neale Donald Walsch and team offer an empowering and meaningful opportunity that will assist you in completing this year and beginning the next in a truly powerful way. This retreat will move you to greater clarity on what you want to be, do, and have in your life, right now! 

Custom-designed for YOU, the Holiday Retreat is a wonderful way to inspire you to call forth the greatest personal vision that you’ve ever had for your life and place it into reality using the practical and usable insights of Conversations with God.

This retreat through inspiration, reflection and celebration will use the powerful messages of CwG to provide clarity and direction as you prepare to create your experience for the New Year. If you’ve never read one of the books or if you’ve read them all, but you still yearn to experience a true awakening and connection with your soul, this retreat is designed for you. 

We are bombarded with information that we try to assimilate into our lives at the same time we are juggling the chores and demands of life, the turmoil in the world , not to mention the ghosts of holidays past and the expectations for this year. It can feel overwhelming at times and sometimes moving forward spiritually seems out of reach. 

That’s why the Holiday Retreat experience
can make a difference  for you!

Register Today!

“Three days later... back in my own shoes or nearly so... I am still overflowing with peace, universal laughter and love.” –Kristina

You will learn how to:

  • Live the CWG message in every day life
  • Stop living in the “past” and deal only with the “now” using the SouLogic process.
  • Live the truth “there is no such thing as right and wrong”
  • Love people and get away with it (CWG and relationships)
  • Find right livelihood

Your Spiritual Guides

Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways.  His books have been translated into 37 languages, touching millions of lives and inspiring important changes in their day-to-day lives.  He has changed millions of peoples thoughts about God and continues to write and present programs around the world.

Em Claire devotes her life to the service of bringing the poetry that comes through her to those who may be helped by messages contained within them, and by the healing possibilities that come through the vibration of reciting them aloud.  Her poetry stems from both a love of the written and spoken word, and her ongoing devotion to capturing and releasing those singular, precious, and momentous occasions of "humanality" that we encounter as spiritual beings having a human experience.

Don Eaton & Cathy Bolton contribute to the retreat by assisting Neale through their musical ministry, which is magical in not only the musical presentation but also through adding the 'bow' to top off this wonderful team.

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Ashland Springs Hotel
541-488-1700 | 212 E Main Street | Ashland, OR 97520 

We are holding this retreat at The Ashland Springs Hotel, located in the center of downtown Ashland, OR. 

The cost for the full retreat is $795. You arrange your own lodging, and the Ashland Springs has very attractive rates for those attending the retreat. You may also pick from the many different hotels, motels and B&B's in and around Ashland.

  • For a listing of all the hotels and motels in and around Ashland, click here.
  • For a listing of B&B's in and around Ashland, click here.

Retreat Schedule
NOTE: Retreat times are flexible due to the nature of the processes used

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

  • 4:00 p.m. - Retreat registration at the Ashland Springs.
  • 7:00 p.m. - First Retreat session with Neale and staff
  • 9:30 p.m. - End

Wednesday, Dec 29 through Sunday, Dec 31, 2010

  • 9:00 am - 10:00 pm - Retreat session. Meal times and breaks will be announced during the sessions.
  • 11:30 pm - December 31, 2006 - Reconvene for New Year's Eve celebration and ritual.  Many like to dress up for the occassion and it is your choice. The retreat will finalize with a special Intention Setting ritual as we welcome in the New Year. Happy New Year!
Register Today!

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The CwG Reader

Further explorations of the Conversations with God material from the author Neale Donald Walsch through the years has given hundreds of talks and written scores of articles revolving around the messages he received in his Conversations with God. Now, every seven days, we will present in this space a transcript or reprint of those presentations. We invite you to Copy and Save each one of them, creating a personal a collection of contemporary and uplifting spiritual thought which you may reference at any time. We hope you will find this a constant source of insight and inspiration.

This week's offering:

Detaching From Attachments
Letting go of my "story"

Often I have made the statement that "All suffering is the result of attachment. All attachment is the result of a mistaken notion of who and what we are and of why we are here upon the earth.'

I then go on to say, "It is not easy to stay away from attachments." And it isn't... unless it is.

What makes it easy for us to detach from the people, places, and events filling our lives is a deep awareness of Who We Are and what our purpose is in living this life. Conversations with God has made this clear to me. In no uncertain terms it was brought home to me that I am not my body. My body is not something that I am, it is something I have.

I want to tell you that I am very attached to my body, and that it is not easy for me to understand that I am something other than that. This idea that I exist -- the "I" of "me" that "I am" -- quite apart and separate from the body is a notion that feels completely foreign to my experience...except when it does not. I have had moments in my life when it has been remarkably clear to me that my body is nothing more than a tool that I use in the creation of my in-the-moment experience. Yet these moments have been the exception rather than the rule. In most of the moments of my life I have walked around thinking that the body I have is the "I" that is Me.

When I am residing in a place of sufficient wisdom to understand that this is not true, other people who live with me and near me tell me that I have shifted to an altered state of consciousness. This is exactly what we have to do if we wish to move to a place in which we are less attached to things that are exterior to the Self. We must shift into an altered state of consciousness. We must move to a place of higher awareness. We must elevate and expand our experience of who we are.

When I know who I really am and when I deeply understand what I am doing here, I find myself more and more detached from the people, places, and events of my day-to-day physical life. The life that exists outside of my Inner Self is magnetic. It pulls and draws me to it. It vacuums me up and sucks me into it. Soon, I get lost in the labyrinth and I cannot find my way out.

Until I can.

What causes me to see what is true and to emerge from the maze is the elevation of my observation. I literally rise above the landscape of my present moment, looking down on it from a far and distant place, seeing myself in it but not of it. To be "in the world but not of it" is the goal of every spiritual seeker. It is the place where every spiritual master resides.

I will use any device at my disposal, any tool within reach, to achieve this elevation of observation. I will read. I will write. I will talk. I will listen. I will walk through the moment. I will sit still within it. I will pray, I will meditate, cogitate, ruminate; I will chant, I will sing, I will dance, I will laugh, I will cry; I will do whatever it takes to send myself to a new place, a place where I can be free of the fear that being human has foisted upon me.

Now here's the thing...

I like my attachments. So I've got to find a way to be selective about the things that I detach from. At least at the beginning. At least at first. I think that if I try to become detached from everything all at one time I will put myself in a very bad place. I will either distance myself from the heart of who I am, or I will fall apart with grief at all that it feels as if I have "lost."

So I've got to make a list of all the things that I'm attached to -- and that is going to be a very long list, indeed. And I've got to decide what it is that I want to detach from first. To be honest, I think I've already decided. I think I want to detach, first, from all of my dramas, all of my "stories," all of my false thoughts about life and how it is, and, most of all, from all of my need to stay hidden -- and to use fibs and lies as a means of doing so.

Put another way, I think that I have to become totally transparent. This is about complete visibility. This is about living in integrity. What I have to detach from is my manufactured "story" about who I am and what I want, then begin living life from a place of absolute authenticity. What I'm discovering is that I have been unbelievably attached to my "idea" about myself, and anything that runs counter to that idea or contradicts it in anyway I rush to hide or to cover up with a "little white lie."

So for me detachment begins with the promise of authenticity. For I must not only be detached from the idea that I have about myself, but also from the idea that you have about me. I said that this was the beginning of detachment, but it seems to me as I hear myself thinking about this that it is actually the ultimate in detachment. So perhaps, in this sense, the beginning is the end and the end is the beginning. And, as with everything else in life, the entire process is a circle.

In any event, that's where I need to begin my process of detachment. I've got to detach from my dramas, detach from my stories, and, most important of all, detached from my Manufactured Self... so that I can reveal my True Self to the "me" that is Me, at last.

Shakespeare said, and he was right: "To thine own self be true and it shall follow as the night, the day, thou canst not then be false to any man."

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The CwG Weekly Bulletin is prepared by Neale Donald Walsch, Em Claire, Geek Squared, LEP Graduates & other friends.