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Neale Talks About Absolute Truth

I don't know about you, but I've spent my whole life looking for my truth outside of myself.

First, I found it in my parents, who were my earliest authority figures, and who I assumed spoke Nothing But The Truth on everything.

Second, I found it in my family members--my older brothers, my aunts and uncles and the relatives with whom we visited. All of them, to some degree, were authority figures.

Then, I placed my schoolteachers in that category. My earliest teachers were nuns and priests, as I went to Roman Catholic elementary schools. The nuns taught us every day and the priest came in once a week for catechism class. I learned about God and about Life from these individuals, whom I assumed to be impeccable sources.

As a result of this, God soon became my highest Authority Figure. The only problem was that I had to depend on humans to tell me what God wanted. This I did, of course. I listened carefully to what the nuns and priests told me.

Difficulties began to arise, however. Some of what the nuns and priests told me about God and what He wanted did not seem to jibe with what my stomach told me. By that I mean, it did not "sit well." Something inside told me that some of what I was hearing at school was not true.

I left the parochial school environment when I left the 8 th grade--and left the Church's understandings about God behind me at just about the same time. The God that I knew in my heart just didn't seem to be the God I was being told about by others.

None of this came together for me in any complete sense until the Conversations with God dialogues began nearly 35 years later. But after those dialogues I became very clear that something I'd felt might be "so" was, in fact, so: With regard to God, and my life, I am the Truth.

No one else's truth can be Absolute Truth for me. Others can share with me their thoughts, others can give me their ideas, but I have to make up my own mind about what is true for me.

This may sound like a simple and obvious conclusion, but I can tell you that it was not a conclusion that was easy for me to come to. Nor, from my observation, is it easy for most people. We have all invested so much of our authority in other people from the earliest days of our lives that to take that authority back, to reclaim it, later on in life is no small matter.

Yet Conversations with God made it clear that the only truth in the Universe is the truth that exists within me. There is no such thing as Absolute Truth, CwG said. This was a startling statement when I first heard it. All my life I had believed the opposite. Yet now I see that all "truth" is relative, and that it is truly, therefore, in the eye of the beholder.

The moon is "up" when looked at from the earth. Yet one can look "down" on the moon from outer space. All definitions disappear as perspectives change. Nothing is true, nothing , in the absolute sense. Truth is, to use the phrase of Hemingway, a moveable feast.

My life shifted dramatically when I gave back to myself the authority I had given to others. In some ways, this begins to happen as an automatic process of life. I remember when I first moved out of my parents' house. I was 19, and the moment I walked into my own apartment I knew that my life had changed. I was driving my own car, living in my own place, working at a job that I loved (in radio), and--quite suddenly, it seemed to me--living "my own life."

I could come and go as I pleased, eat what I chose, do as I wished. The parental authority over me had vanished, literally over night. I could stay on the phone as long as I wanted, come in at night whenever it suited me, even sleep with whomever I desired that desired me.


So THIS was what life was like!


I never knew such power.

Or such responsibility.

I felt very much the same way after hearing the statement, "You are the truth" in my conversation with God. I felt that someone had just given me the "keys to the kingdom." Suddenly, I was all-powerful. I didn't have to believe anyone else any more. I didn't have to take another's word for anything.

But I also had new responsibility. I had to decide for myself what my truth was.

Now, if I had to do this alone, I would have felt that it was just too much of a task. I am just one little old human being, and I cannot decide, even for myself, the truth of the Universe.

But the wonderful news is that I do not HAVE to make these decisions alone. That's because I have a real, a genuine, and a working friendship with God. Because of this, I can ask God's help in determining my truth. And that, of course, is what the Conversations with God books are all about.

Each of us can have our own conversations with God. We do not have to rely on the books written by others. We can write our own.

Is this true or not? What do you believe? What do you think?

Ask God right now. Take out a sheet of paper, clear your mind of all other thoughts, ideas, or considerations. Now write out your question.

Is it true that I can have my own conversations with you? Will you respond to me just as clearly and immediately as you responded to Neale Donald Walsch?

Go ahead. Write the question. Then listen for your answer.

When you get the answer, write it down. Do not question it. Do not doubt it. Just write it down as you hear it in your head.

-- Neale Donald Walsch

P.S. If the answer comes up "no," ask another couple of questions. Ask, "Why not? If God is not replying to me right now, then who is?"

Then, keep the dialogue going. But remember, stay out of your head when you do this. When you see yourself writing the answers that are in your mind, stop the process. You can tell the difference between answers that are coming to you from the highest place of wisdom in the Universe and answers that are coming to you from your own mind or previous thoughts or deepest fears.

Trust this. You will feel the difference.

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Message From Neale

This is such a beautiful world, such a spectacular place! I don't know how anyone can help but adore every square inch of it, and every person on it! I wish, oh, how I wish, that we could all find a way to live together in peace and harmony, that we could find a way to share equitably, so that all the peoples of the earth could experience the wonder and the glory and the abundance of life!

It is incomprehensible to me that human beings could have dropped bombs on this place and fought each other in this place and killed each other throughout this place where I am right now. But they did, in one of the most famous battles of any war -- for I stand today on the beach at Normandy, on the coast of France. Omaha Beach, the Americans dubbed it, and here, thousands of Americans, Canadians, and Englishmen gave their lives to liberate France. And here, in Normandy, thousands of Germans died for a cause they were ordered to support, whether they did or not.

Part of me wants to believe that those young German soldiers did not agree with the cause of their Fuhrer, the idea of creating a master race. But another part of me knows better, because I see to this very day soldiers and fighters on all sides of every struggle, each solidly convinced of the righteousness of their cause. All people are capable of agreeing that killing human beings (most of them -- nearly all of them -- innocent bystanders), and destroying humanity's most beautiful places, is acceptable behavior when they are defending that which they hold dear. And all people are capable of convincing themselves that every act of slaughter and deliberate, rampant destruction is an act of self-defense.

It is only when the very idea of defense disappears from human experience that peace will abide in the land. And it is only when the very idea of attack is nullified that the idea of defense can disappear.

What could possible nullify the idea of attack, and, therefore, the need for defense? Only a deep understanding of the true nature of human beings, of the reason for all of Life, of the experience that we call existence and the process that we call evolution.

It is a matter of knowing who we really are. It is a matter of understanding why we are here. It is a matter of expanding our awareness and transcending our limited, smaller selves.

The biggest challenge facing humanity today is its own case of mistaken identity.

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We could never have done to each other what we did to each other here in Normandy had we understood who we truly are -- in relationship to ourselves, in relationship to each other, in relationship to this experience we call Life, and in relationship to God.

Yesterday I stood on the top of an old German bunker high on a hill overlooking the beach at Houlgate, still a tiny town, on the magnificent Atlantic shore of western France. From this vantage point, and others like it dotting the coast, German soldiers would be able to see if ships carrying enemy troops were coming in for a landing, and to call in reinforcements to protect the land they had themselves invaded. Everyone knew the bunkers were there -- the Germans had taken great pains to announce that they were -- so that even the Allied Forces would be warned of the futility of attacking by sea. No one, least of all the high commanders of the Third Reich, thought that anyone would ever be foolhardy enough to do it. That, of course, was the genius of the Normandy Invasion. It was foolhardy in the extreme. It was a battle against all odds. It was, in short, the utterly unexpected.

Those who placed the bunkers in the heavy foliage of the hills overlooking the beaches of Normandy were perfectly correct in their assessment that their vantage point was excellent, their coverage superb, making it a simple matter of picking off, from unseen places, anyone who dared to attack by sea. The only way that any force could possibly hope to even land on the beach, much less take back the territory beyond it, would be to invade with overwhelming numbers -- numbers so great that literally thousands could be lost and there would still be more behind them. No professional army would be willing to sustain such losses, the German high command thought.

They were wrong. This was the risk that the American, English, and Canadian soldiers of the Allied Forces were asked to take. They landed on the beaches of Normandy knowing ahead of time that many, many, many of them would never get beyond the sand.

Standing on that same sand today, I could feel the energy of that moment, I could hear the call of all those who died there. Even after over half a century, the energy is palpable. It remains in the air. Yet we must not romanticize the moment, nor hear in the call of souls something that is not there. For the call does not invite us to celebrate victory, but to end all war; not only to honor bravery, but to honor the sacredness of life, not to step into battle, but to step away from the very need to call upon the youngest among us to defend a way of life that is rooted -- on all sides of every conflict -- in false thoughts of who we are.

The call from the Souls of Normandy is to awaken humanity at last, so that death need not be the guarantor of freedom, but consciousness. Let awareness be our tool of conflict resolution, not the killing of those with whom we disagree. Let a desire to expand life, not a willingness to end it, be the power and the force behind humanity's evolution.

I have fallen in love with this planet all over again on this trip. You cannot -- you absolutely and positively cannot -- stand anywhere in the town of Honfleur, hugging the shore on the estuary of the Seine, and not fall madly in love with the place. I dare you. I double dare you. Because it is simply not possible.

You cannot -- you absolutely and positively cannot -- walk over the canals on the bridges of Amsterdam and not fall madly in love with the place. You cannot -- you absolutely and positively cannot -- drive the perpetually jammed roads of Paris and not fall madly in love with the place. How does one not fall in love with the Champs Elysées ? I don't care how jaded you are, or how many times you have been there and driven up to the majestic Arc de Triomphe , dominating its end. You cannot -- you absolutely and positively cannot -- stroll the tiny, winding streets of Zurich, with their foliage-covered gates and the stately European homes behind them, and not fall madly in love with the place. And now from here, on to there anything more to say?

I am providing you with this travelogue not to make you envious. I am telling you of my experience in hopes that, somehow, it can also be yours. For it is not the experience of these particular places, but of this extraordinary entire place that we humans call home, that I pray will bring us all to our senses at last, and cause us all to say, "I am willing to do my share, to play my part, in saving this unspeakably beautiful planet, and the marvelous creatures upon it, that Life Itself may play itself out without humanly created violence and war, killing and dying, endless oppression and needless suffering."

In the evolution of our species let us move, at last, beyond the sand, to the high ground of human consciousness, where no enemy, but only awareness, awaits.

From the beaches of Normandy...with love for all humanity...


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Conversations with God in the UK

This August the CwG Foundation is presenting an intensive Teacher Training for those of you who are interested in sharing CwG with others.

Join us for this Life Education Program event!

Make this August a time for stepping into mastery as a messenger of this empowering material.


Author Neale Donald Walsch

Rachael Kennedy, Director of Education (CwG Foundation)

Paul Clark, Director of CwG Coaching Services

The Novotel Hotel, Bristol  UK
Aug 12-19, 2006

If the messages of Conversation with God have changed your life, you
may want to join us.


"You are on a journey to mastery, and now it is time to get on with it. Embrace the holy moment."
- Communion with God

Message From Marion...

Hello Everyone,

I want to start this week by thanking so many of you for your kind emails and calls about the articles I write every week.   The contact with you makes doing this article all the more rewarding.   Also through your responses and suggestions I get new ideas about things we can do at the Foundation.

For instance several weeks ago I wrote my article about the challenges we face in trying to fill our retreats.   One of the responses I got was this:

... You said, "Oh how I wish I could give the experience to everyone.   What a different world we would live in if that could happen!"   You could give it to perhaps a great many more people by use of a web-inar, (online seminar) web-cast, or web-retreat, and if participants had web cams there could be interactive participation. In this way it could be more affordable, too. Were you serious?

Well the answer was a resounding yes!   I was very serious.   Immediately, I called several people around town that work with us here at the Foundation.   I said, "Tell me what I have to do to offer our CwG people web-inars or web-casts.   How do I do that?   How do I take Neale and the Foundation's Retreats to the CwG ers that can't come to us?"

The answers to the questions were very exciting and these technicians and people that I went to began a series of meetings which will culminate in a meeting I'm going to Monday morning.

Over the summer months we're exploring putting together a new series of programs where we combine what we do at our retreats and events with the newer technologies that are out there. It's my hope that we'll create a variety of opportunities in an effort to serve most of you out there.

I have to tell you my truth - as always - while I get that there are all kinds of new technologies out there I sometimes need a push off the cliff to attempt yet another learning curve.   There are so many things with the Internet and electronic communications that I'm barely aware of, never mind even begin to understand.   That lack of understanding makes me hesitant and unsure, and those aren't feelings that I like.

I guess it's like that with any new thing we know nothing about.   When it comes to the work we do here at the Foundation, there are a lot more people counting on us to do it right and do it well.   I have a profound love and appreciation for the messages of CwG .   Therefore I feel a great sense of responsibility to those of you that read and enjoy the material and appreciate the Foundation's mission to put more of that information into the world; so breaking into new technologies and trying new things that have as much potential to fail as to succeed, can get to feeling pretty scary.

Article continues below...

Living Your Purpose - Using Conversations with God to Find Your True Calling
October 30 - November 5, 2006
Black Mountain, NC.

A highly focused program designed to inspire you to call forth the greatest personal vision that you’ve ever had for your life (or become clear at last as to what it is, if you’ve been confused) and place it into reality using the practical and usable insights of CwG.

Today more people than ever before yearn to make a contribution that makes a difference and defines who they are in a world of turbulent events and challenging times. Finding and creating “right livelihood” – engaging in life work that makes sense to our soul – is the fundamental challenge confronting every individual in the first quarter of the 21st Century.

If you prefer to register on-line click here, and for a copy of the retreat schedule click on the (Event Details) link at the beginning of the on-line registration form.

For more information and to register:
Call Will Richardson at 1-352-442-2244

Article continues...

At the Foundation, when it gets scary, there's always this underlying truth that I've come to rely on.   The Universe, God, whatever you choose to call It - always seems to conspire in our behalf.   If truth be told that's been an absolute throughout my life, and I imagine I am not unique in that regard.   No matter how close I have come either professionally or personally to total abject failure, total life loss, or devastation eventually - usually later rather than sooner - something will happen to save the day.   Either that, or I'm able to get to a place where I can see perceived "failure" in all its perfection, and I come to understand that what I originally thought was going to be "failure" is just a rather unusual turn in the road, an occurrence that pushes me in a direction that I probably wouldn't have taken otherwise.

I think that's one of the greatest gifts I received from the CwG material - the understanding that everything is perfect. All I have to do is change my thinking about it to experience it in its perfection.

Ok, I know there must be a few of you out there saying to yourselves, "yea - right!   This chick is whacked!"   The first time I really saw this idea of the perfection of everything discussed in Book 1 (which was probably the second or third time I read the book) I thought, "yea - right," too.   Then I heard the idea discussed in a teleclass with Neale - and I'll never forget sitting there with the phone to my ear - looking out the kitchen window while hearing all these people discuss this and go on and on about how they understood the world to be perfect, too.   I remember thinking, "these must be spiritual giants and I just must be a spiritual slug.   I'll never be able to see everything in my life and the world around me as perfect - never."

Well as the saying goes "never say never".   Today, I'm no spiritual giant, but I do get that it's all perfect.   I get the idea so well I think sometimes the people around me get a little frustrated when they're complaining about something and I can't help but pipe in and say, "it's all perfect." The greatest aspect of this perception is that all the events in my life, all the things in the world around me seem to show up just a little brighter.   I like that.

...and I really like writing to you every week.   Have a great weekend and try to see the perfection in all that abounds in your life.

Until next time - Many Blessings,

Marion Black, CEO
ReCreation Foundation, Inc.
dba Conversations with God Foundation

PS: My email is or my cell number is (541) 301-0365.


What God Wants Audio Book 4-CD Set.

What God Wants is a Compelling Answer to Humanity’s Biggest Question.

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Let us make one thing clear here again.

You are always immersed in the Divine.

You are immersed in it right now. Indeed, you are it.

You are Divinity,

immersed in Divinity, expressing Itself as

the Individuated Aspect of Divinity known as You.

Therefore, in the truest sense, you are not on a journey Home.

You are already there. You are Home with God always.

You already are where you would seek to be.

The extraordinary secret is that knowing this

immediately brings you the experience of this .

- Home with God , page 35



Events and Workshops in your local area
Passion for Life Tour

Our trained CwG facilitators are now doing events all over the world on what we are calling the Passion for Life tour . These events and workshops are easily accessible, as they are short, inexpensive and life-changing!

All of our workshop facilitators have completed the CwG Life Education Program (LEP). They have a passion for supporting others on  the journey of spiritual growth, as well as inspiring people to get clear on what they are passionate about.

These 1-day and/or 2-day experiences will open you up to many new insights about how yourself and how you relate to everything in your world right now.

By joining us at one of the various locations you will be able to meet like-minded people who live closer to your area as well as gain a lot of wisdom and have a lot of fun!

Upcoming workshops:

Truth Telling for Authenticity and Enhanced Intimacy, Understanding and Communication.
July 22, 2006
Boulder, Colarado
For more details contact Bonnie Starr at or call 720-940-6007.

Awareness, Honesty and Truth - The freedom of authenticity
Aug 5 and 6, 2006
Devon, England
For more information contact Rachel Merrington at


Questions and Comments from CwG Readers

Dear Neale...

A client of mine gave me a copy of What God Wants , and I consider it one of the most important books of our time.  I am just writing to inform you that I AM starting to shift the medical paradigm.  I have attached a copy of my paper entitled "Inoculations:  the True Weapons of Mass Destruction".  Inoculations corrupt the immune system and cause all autoimmune diseases and cancer, and I have developed a protocol using homeopathy to reverse all these iatrogenic conditions. 

I agree with you that "Re-legion" is the biggest problem to overcome to obtain world peace.  Unfortunately, Medi-SIN is the biggest problem to overcome to obtain wellness.

Thank you for your important book; I AM working on "Heaven Sent Healing" (and manifesting a center with that name) at this time. 


Rebecca C., MD

Thank you for your wonderful note, Rebecca.  I am so very pleased to have you on this planet in this particular way.  You grace us all with your presence.  Your note was very appreciated.


Dear Neale,

I am such a fan of CwG - have recently lost my mother and want to see her again ----is there reincarnation? or do we get to see our loved ones?  thank you so much for your time--Kathi

My Dear Kathi...The answer is "yes" to both questions.  But boy, do you ever want to read HOME WITH GOD in a Life That Never Ends.   Not next week, not tomorrow, but right now.  Get it, and READ it.  It deals directly with what you are asking about here! Love and hugs...neale.

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